Window Installation – New Construction

When building a new home, there are thousands of decisions to make. Everything from your house’s color to the type of tile you want on the kids’ bathroom floor has to be carefully chosen. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, but we at Universal Windows Direct can take at least one choice off your hands: your new windows. We provide some of the highest-quality window installations in Cincinnati. Contact us today at (513) 755-1800 to schedule a free consultation.

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New Window Options

+ Double Hung Window Features

  1. Sash limit locks
  2. True-Position® balance system
  3. Extruded lift rail
  4. Fusion welded frame and sash corners
  5. Super Spacer
  6. Recessed tilt-in latches
  7. Cam-style lock
  8. Continous over & under interlock & weather stripping
Double Hung Window Installation

+ Color Options

    Vinyl Color Options

  • Brown


  • Tan


  • White


    Interior Wood Finishing

  • Light Oak

    Light Oak

  • Dark Oak

    Dark Oak

  • Cherry


  • Copper Tone

    Copper Tone

    External Color Options

  • Beige


  • Black


  • Brick Red

    Brick Red

  • Bronze


  • Brown


  • Clay


  • Gray


  • Green


  • Tan


  • White


+ Glass Options

    Decorative Glass Options

  • Colonial Flat

    Colonial Flat

  • Colonial Contour

    Colonial Contour

  • Colonial Antique Brass

    Colonial Antique Brass

  • Colonial Slimline Brass

    Colonial Slimline Glass

  • Contour Prairie Style

    Contour Prairie Style

  • Prairie View

    Prairie View

  • Diamond Flat

    Diamond Flat

  • Diamond View

    Diamond View

  • Colonial View

    Colonial View

  • Double Prairie Style

    Double Prairie Style

  • Double Prairie View

    Double Prairie View

  • Elongated Floral View

    Elongated Floral View

  • Floral View

    Floral View

  • Obscure


    High Performance Glass Options

  • Unishield


    Vinyl Windows

    Clear double pane insulated glass unit.

  • Unishield


    Vinyl Windows

    Double pane, Low-E on one surface with argon gas.

  • Unishield


    Vinyl Windows

    Triple pane Low-E on two surfaces with argon gas.

  • Unishield


    Vinyl Windows

    Triple pane, Low-E on two surfaces with krypton gas.

+ Screen Options

Screen Options

UltraVUE® Screen Mesh (A)

  • 25% Better Airflow
  • 25% Clearer Air

BetterVUE® Screen Mesh (B)

  • 10% Better Insect Protection
  • 10% Better Airflow
  • 10% Clearer View

Standard Screen Mesh (C)

  • Sight more obstructed
  • Less airflow than UltraVUE® and BetterVUE® screens
  • Proven and Reliable
Screen Options

Our Approach to Windows

High-quality work and customer satisfaction are our top priorities at Universal Windows Direct. Here are just a few of the things that set us apart from other window installation companies:

  1. Precision and customization are important when adding windows to a home. The first step in our window installation process is to measure your window openings to within 1/16 of an inch. Instead of building your house around windows, each window is suited perfectly to your home.
  2. Continuing our focus on customization, we offer hundreds of possible window combinations. With ten different colors of exterior paint and seven different interior styles, your new custom window installation will fit perfectly into your home, both outside and in. Universal Windows Direct also carries a variety of different kinds of windows, from double hung windows to bay and bow windows and beyond.
  3. Our windows’ construction is not just aesthetically pleasing—it also cuts down on the cost of home ownership. Each window install comes equipped with the exclusive SuperSpacer system, which is proven to drastically decrease interior temperature fluctuations—which in turn can help decrease your energy bill. Some of the available window options have two panes of glass, while others have three. Contact us at (513) 755-1800, and we’ll help you decide which window option is best for you.
  4. After finishing the installation process, we don’t abandon the homeowner. Each of the windows we install is covered under the UniShield Lifetime Unlimited Warranty, making any necessary window replacements quick and painless.

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To ensure quality windows that will not only stand the test of time but also add beauty to your home, choose Universal Windows Direct. If you’re building a new home in the Mason, West Chester, or Fairfield, OH areas, you may also be interested in our siding, doors, and other home improvement services. To schedule your free in-home consultation, contact us today at (513) 755-1800.