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Not only does your vinyl siding define your home’s exterior aesthetic, it’s also your first line of defense. It shields you from wind and rain, and can even help you save energy by keeping cool air in during the summer and cold air out during the winter. Whether you need to replace siding that’s worn out, or you want your brand-new home to look absolutely perfect, contact Universal Windows Direct. As trusted siding contractors, we provide high-quality installations for homeowners in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at (513) 755-1800 to beautify and protect your home.

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Siding Options

+ Siding Colors

  • Glacier White

    Glacier White

  • Antique Parchment

    Antique Parchment

  • Natural Linen

    Natural Linen

  • Platinum Gray

    Platinum Gray

  • Silver Moss

    Silver Moss

  • Coastal Sage

    Coastal Sage

  • Cape Cod Gray

    Cape Cod Gray

  • Mystic Blue

    Mystic Blue

  • Adobe Cream

    Adobe Cream

  • Colonial Ivory

    Colonial Ivory

  • Maple


  • Monterey Sand

    Monterey Sand

  • Vintage Wicker

    Vintage Wicker

  • Tuscan Clay

    Tuscan Clay

  • Autumn Red

    Autumn Red

  • Somerset Wheat

    Somerset Wheat

  • Heather


  • Canyon Drift

    Canyon Drift

  • Walnut


  • Ivy


  • Arbor


  • Deep Moss

    Deep Moss

  • Harbor Blue

    Harbor Blue

  • Slate


  • Storm


+ Additional Options

Fullback Underlayment

Conforming perfectly to the shape of our siding, fullback contoured insulation not only provides additional energy savings but also helps soundproof your home.

Universal Housewrap
Universal Housewrap

More effective than traditional fabric roll housewraps, our exclusive insulation also diminishes energy transfer points by insulating the wood studs.

Trimworks® Accessories

Trimworks® accessories gracefully accent doors, windows, and outside corners, keeping your home beautiful–and your upkeep work to a minimum.

Benefits of UniShield Siding

Our exclusive line of siding stands out from other brands for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Natural Beauty: Featuring realistic shadow lines, the cedar grain or oak grain texture of our UniShield siding makes it look like authentic wood siding. Low-gloss finish and a wide variety of vinyl siding styles only add to the appeal, and the precision-straight lines of our reinforced siding will make your home stand out in the best way.
  • Easy Maintenance: Say goodbye to the time-consuming labor of painting your house. After vinyl siding installation, a quick spray with your garden hose will make your home look like new all over again.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The durability of our siding helps reduce the depletion of precious resources that are often used when constructing a home. The production process for our siding also causes less air pollution than the production of brick or stucco.
  • Extensive Warranty: Whenever we install siding, it’s protected by a Lifetime Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Contact us today at (513) 755-1800 to learn more about the UniShield guarantee.
  • Decorative Choices: In addition to our board siding, we also offer vinyl siding shakes and scallops. Used primarily in Cape Cod-style architecture, these accents add interesting details to your home’s exterior.

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Insulated Siding or Non-Insulated Siding?

At Universal Windows Direct, we offer both insulated and non-insulated siding for your home. If you choose our insulated vinyl siding, we’ll install specially engineered insulating foam called Fullback between your home and your siding. This insulation will not only help reduce your energy bill by restricting airflow between the exterior walls and the siding itself, but it will also cut down on the outside noise that enters your home—perfect for homeowners who live near an interstate or on a busy street.

Besides siding installation and replacement services, we provide high-quality windows and doors to homeowners in Cincinnati, Mason, West Chester, Fairfield, Montgomery, and Kentwood, Ohio. We also offer home improvement services to clients in northern Kentucky. Contact us today at (513) 755-1800 for a free in-home consultation and quote.